• Charles River and Ziphius Vaccines collaborate to manufacture saRNA-based vaccine

    Thursday June 23rd 2022

  • Biocartis announces new agreement with AstraZeneca for the development and marketing of a companion diagnostic test for Tagrisso®

    Wednesday June 22nd 2022

  • IDDI announces RTSM partnership with Clario

    Wednesday June 22nd 2022

  • Biotalys and Novozymes enter into partnership to expand opportunities for Evoca™

    Tuesday June 21st 2022

  • New agreement paves way for development of first African-owned COVID-19 vaccine

    Tuesday June 21st 2022

  • Ziphius Vaccines and University of Antwerp announce collaboration agreement for optimized delivery of saRNA-based vaccines & therapeutics

    Thursday June 9th 2022

  • CureVac partners with myNEO to identify novel antigen targets for mRNA-based cancer vaccine development

    Wednesday May 25th 2022

  • KU Leuven announces collaboration and license agreement with Gilead Sciences for the development of new antivirals against the respiratory syncytial virus

    Wednesday May 18th 2022

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  • Kantify and I-Stem Use Artificial Intelligence to discover a promising therapy against a rare disease

    Wednesday April 27th 2022

  • flanders.bio zet Vlaamse agro-voedingstechnologie op de internationale kaart

    Tuesday April 26th 2022

  • Mithra CDMO announces collaboration with MedinCell for the development of injectable products for Malaria and transplant rejection

    Tuesday April 26th 2022

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