Saturday April 20th 2024



March 2024 Labconsort opened two new facilities, a Circular Center and a Recycling Center, on the site of NEKTARI, a social enterprise in Puurs-Sint-Amands.

Labconsort is a pioneer in lifecycle management of analytical and non-analytical systems. They support their clients in the chemical sector, healthcare and life sciences to become more sustainable, encompassing the entire breadth of the circular journey.

Consider a device as a human body: from birth until the end of lifetime of the device when it will be recycled and components are given a second life. Midway through a device's life, a refurbishment or repair may be necessary to once again optimally serve science. As such, Labconsort’s ambition focusses on closing the entire circular loop, making science more sustainable and affordable.

To further realize this sustainable dream, Labconsort opened two new facilities at NEKTARI in March, with a focus on recycling and full circularity. In addition to sustainability, they also embrace a second important pillar of their mission: social inclusion.

Metin Zwart, CEO of Labconsort: “We are delighted to settle at one of the most impactful social enterprises in Flanders. Hereby, we link social inclusion to innovative entrepreneurship and circularity. I believe those two values go hand in hand. Social inclusion should not be an exception but a fixed value.”

Bruno De Maeyer, managing director of NEKTARI: “It is our mission to ensure that all members of society have a meaningful job. NEKTARI contributes to the social and economic fabric in the area, together with local governments and companies such as Labconsort. Our cooperation with Labconsort creates opportunities on three levels: we provide support with various operations such as storage, transport, refurbishment, etc. Our network of hospitals, among others, can be particularly useful for Labconsort while offering additional circular solutions. And last but not least, the cooperation generates more meaningful employment at NEKTARI.”