Friday April 16th 2021



Antelope Dx, a Belgian based company that aims to bring high-quality health testing for the individual, announces the collaboration with In The Pocket and Extra Horizon for the development of an app and cloud-based services for its self-tests.

Antelope Dx’s offering consists of a reusable connected palm-size reader device together with single-use test cartridges and an app to download on a smartphone.
The app and the secure and compliant cloud connectivity feature are crucial components as they allow communication with the user to provide step-by-step guidance on how to perform the self-test, enable positive test reporting and provide meta-data on positive Covid-19 cases to healthcare authorities.
These unique features set the Antelope Dx self-test solution apart from the current rapid and self-tests (lateral flow) on the market. In addition, the performance - with over 90% sensitivity - is better than lateral flow tests and multiple parameters, such as Covid-19 and the flu, can be measured in one single test.

Hilde Windels, CEO of Antelope Dx, commented: “Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a quantum leap in how healthcare and in particular diagnostics are being deployed. Most recently, the door was opened for self-tests in Belgium and in many countries across the globe. With Antelope’s proposition, we can truly make the difference in a post-pandemic setting, once Covid-19 has become endemic and most people will be vaccinated. Because the performance of the app and its connectivity to the cloud are so important, we are pleased that we can work together with trusted parties and specialists in the field like In The Pocket and Extra Horizon. They will help us reduce the risk in this part of the development of our self-test and bring high-quality output to our product offering, while ensuring full compliance with strict security and privacy regulations”

Jeroen Lemaire, CEO of In The Pocket added: “In The Pocket, a digital product studio, is the trusted partner to take care of the application-side of the self-test solution. With over a decade of experience, we know mobile apps like no other and have a strong focus on user experience. Complexity kills, so we aim for an easy-to-use and straightforward app. The app will guide the user step-by-step to complete the self-test, show the result without adding negligible information and will propose useful next steps based on the result.”

The cloud component of the application is taken care of by Extra Horizon, an expert in regulatory compliant and GDPR cloud solutions for digital health applications.

Lars Grieten, CEO of Extra Horizon states: “We are very proud to provide the medical cloud for this exciting project. With Extra Horizon we will not only be able to support Antelope Dx to stay vigilant and agile in their journey, but also support the international scalability that is envisioned. During this process we make sure that sensitive data are managed safely and provide the necessary regulatory compliance for international market access.”