Wednesday March 13th 2024



In a significant leap forward for the field of 3D bioprinting, BIO INX, a leading material developer for 3D bioprinting, proudly announces the strategic collaboration with Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin- and collagen-based solutions. This collaboration underscores BIO INX’ and Rousselot’s commitment to bring 3D bioprinting technologies closer to the clinic.

As part of this collaboration, BIO INX is set to distribute Rousselot's research and technical grade X-Pure® gelatin biomaterials, renowned for their quality and reliability. The X-Pure gelatin range will be seamlessly integrated into BIO INX' offerings, making these cutting-edge materials accessible to researchers and academics worldwide through the webshop of BIO INX.

The partnership extends beyond mere distribution, as BIO INX introduces an innovative product, the X-Pure version of their renowned extrusion bioink, GEL-MA INX©. This pioneering bioink, produced in collaboration with Rousselot, is the first step towards a GMP-like gelatin-based bioink which enables to print constructs in the presence of living cells in a straightforward manner. The development is in line with the mission of BIO INX® to make bioprinting turnkey. It represents a significant stride towards bringing the technology of 3D bioprinting closer to the clinic by enhancing reproducibility and standardization while adhering to the elevated quality requirements.

This collaboration builds upon a longstanding relationship between BIO INX and Rousselot. Namely, BIO INX, is a spin-off company from the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group at Ghent University, where the original Gelatin Methacryloyl (GEL-MA) was developed and patented 25 years ago using Rousselot gelatin, under the supervision of prof. Etienne Schacht. The research group is currently co-led by Professor Sandra Van Vlierberghe, one of the cofounders of BIO INX.

"Ever since the original publication on GEL-MA in 2000, the material has grown in popularity, becoming one of the reference materials in tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting research worldwide. Now, this collaboration with Rousselot also adds reproducibility to the mix. The added standardization and quality were the missing link to bring this material from academic research to real life applications," comments prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe

"This collaboration represents the culmination of years of shared vision and innovation between BIO INX and Rousselot to increase standardization and quality in biomaterials for tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting. By integrating Rousselot's X-Pure gelatin biomaterials into our portfolio and introducing a GMP-like bioink, we are not only advancing the capabilities of 3D bioprinting but also building further on our roots and the groundbreaking work of the research group at Ghent University prior to incorporation," commented Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX.

Furthermore, this collaboration provides a significant boost to the Ghent region's expertise in gelatin and gelatin-based products. The synergy of BIO INX, a leader in biomaterials for high resolution 3D bioprinting, and Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin products, proves to be greater than the sum of its parts. This partnership is poised to enhance the region's longstanding legacy of excellence in gelatin expertise.

Tanja Vervust, Global Director of Rousselot Biomedical states: "Collaborating with BIO INX to offer online-purchasing streamlines the ordering process and provides efficient delivery of high-quality gelatins necessary for tissue engineering and biofabrication projects,” said Tanja Vervust, Global Director, Rousselot Biomedical. ”Rousselot’s research-grade X-Pure gelatins are functionally equivalent to GMP-grade gelatins and help to reduce development variability and facilitate the transition to clinical applications.”

For further information and to explore the X-Pure gelatin materials and the GMP-like GEL-MA INX, please visit the BIO INX website:

A Rousselot Biomedical delegation visiting the labs of BIO INX in Ghent with (l to r): Julie Schockaert (BIO INX), Kathleen Jacobs (Rousselot), Isabel Vanhecke (Rousselot), Tanja Vervust (Rousselot), Lies De Smedt (Rousselot), Jasper Van Hoorick (BIO INX) and Coralie Gréant (BIO INX).