Tuesday February 22nd 2022



Last week, BioLizard announced the appointment of Yves Muyssen as Chief Operational Officer. This new position in the leadership team will allow BioLizard to continue its steep growth of the past years in a scalable and sustainable way.

With previous roles in different international tech companies such as TomTom, NGData and Duke & Grace, Yves brings over 15 years of experience in operational and product management to BioLizard. In this new role, Yves will head all day-to-day operations with the aim to further expand the position of the company as the go-to partner for bioinformatics, complex analytics and data management in the life science industry.

Yves Muyssen stated: “Joining BioLizard brings me back to my roots as a bio-engineer and computer scientist. My experience in international, data-driven technology companies has taught me the power of data and the value it brings to customers and the broader society. I am eager to help this young team of clever science and technology experts excel.”

About BioLizard

BioLizard is an agile bioinformatics and data management consulting company providing tailored solutions to the life sciences industry. The company specializes in the handling of complex scientific data and the application of state-of-the-art technologies for data-driven R&D, drug development, clinical trials, healthcare and other applications.

The complementary team of Lizards consists of computer scientists, IT architects, data engineers, bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, clinical data experts and computational biologists, bringing together a broad expertise to cover all data-related needs relevant to the life sciences industry.