Tuesday December 6th 2022



Connected-Pathology is a histopathology service provider that integrates digital workflows and AI tools to improve turnaround times and accuracy of tissue analysis results. They support the digital transformation of laboratory testing and assessment by designing innovative solutions that enable swift analysis and streamlined management of digital images for life sciences laboratories.

The company, currently using the Heilig Hart laboratory in shared service, has chosen BioVille at the health campus in Diepenbeek as its new operational location. A detailed operations plan will ensure a seamless transition between the two locations. All newly acquired projects will begin at the new facility, whilst ongoing studies will remain at Connected-Pathology's current location. The transition is expected to be completed by March of 2023.

The increase in space and equipment will allow the company to expand current capacity 8-fold, whilst planning has already begun for the installation of several new machines and analysis equipment. This relocation is the next necessary step in supporting the growth of the company. The additional machines have been selected based on their integration into the currently used digital workflows and track and trace tools whilst also meeting the analysis needs and requests of our customers and partners.

“We save our customers time, enhance study productivity, and provide deeper insights with a range of digitally supported tissue analyses for the development of novel research,” explains Mathias Sellenslagh, Operations Manager at Connected-Pathology. “The new location enables us to process a higher number of samples and serve more clients. This milestone is also important for the future of the company as we gear up to achieve GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) accreditation to remain a flexible and reliable histopathology service provider.”

“We are very happy to officially welcome C-Path to our health & care business center! BioVille is proud to be a partner in supporting innovative businesses like C-path. Likewise, their services are a great addition to the campus' ecosystem and can benefit other companies in BioVille as well.” explains BioVille’s Operations Manager, Katrien Achten.

The relocation allows Connected-Pathology to focus on its goal, to modernize the research of today to contribute to the healthier world of tomorrow and allows the seamless execution of Connected-Pathology's digitally integrated services that accelerate customers’ research. Connected-Pathology is looking forward to becoming a key service provider at the BioVille incubator and embarking on this newfound growth.