Wednesday March 25th 2020



European Centre for Clinical Research Training bv (ECCRT), has been selected as a premium provider for continuous online learning by Qualitis, a full-service clinical research and medical consulting organisation for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries.

ECCRT will provide Qualitis staff members access to the Virtual Campus for them to follow a new learning method that is unique in the clinical research market, microLearnings, that are to the point and concise online training activities.

Dr. Konstantinos Haveles, Managing Director of Qualitis Ltd. commented: ”The microLearning solution from ECCRT is offering precisely what we needed: online, short and focused learning bites for our team members. With just one subscription, we have access to the entire library of topics and the regular updates provided. “

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove, Managing Director of ECCRT added: “MicroLearning offers precisely that content, allowing the team to stay up to date and learn “how to” when they need to. We are very pleased with this agreement so quick after the launch of this novel learning methodology”.