Tuesday January 23rd 2024



flanders.bio, a dynamic and member-driven organisation at the forefront of the Flemish life sciences sector, proudly announces its 20th-anniversary celebration.

The topical tagline "Celebrating life sciences" encapsulates the essence of this significant moment, symbolising a journey dedicated to fostering a vibrant ecosystem. With over 360 members from Flanders and beyond, flanders.bio has played a pivotal role in shaping the life sciences. Since its inception, flanders.bio is dedicated to creating value for its members through networking, training activities, internationalisation support, and expertise building.

Leading into its anniversary year, flanders.bio proudly supported the release of the book, "Biotech in Flanders, a Stunning Story." Authored by key figures Jo Bury, Johan Cardoen, and Dirk Reyn, the book delves into the 40-year history of biotech in Flanders, celebrating the unique ecosystem that has made 'Flanders Biotech Valley' synonymous with quality and innovation. (1)

Dirk Reyn, Chairman of the Board of flanders.bio, says: "Our 20th anniversary is a testament and recognition to the dedication and passion of our members, partners, the Flemish government and many other stakeholders. Together, we have built a dynamic and resilient ecosystem that continues to thrive and generates innovative solutions to improve the health of plants, animals and of course mankind. This anniversary is not just a milestone; it's also a celebration of the real impact we've had. We are proud to have played a role as a catalyst and connector in the growth of the life sciences landscape and we look forward to continuing our collaborative journey, shaping the future of Flemish innovation in the dynamic field of life sciences."

Wouter Piepers, CEO of flanders.bio, adds: "Celebrating two decades of flanders.bio is more than a mere milestone; it's a moment of profound reflection on the remarkable journey marked by innovation, collaboration, and growth. 'Celebrating life sciences' is not just a tagline; it embodies our enduring commitment to being advocates of a reputable global-impact ecosystem. As we embark on this special year, we will dedicate time to introspect, honour achievements, and eagerly anticipate the exciting new horizons that lie ahead."

To kick off the 20th-anniversary celebration, flanders.bio organises a New Year’s Reception on 23 January 2024. This exclusive event sets the stage for a new year filled with some special celebrations and valuable initiatives. Looking ahead, flanders.bio continues to build and support the life sciences ecosystem with a series of value-added gatherings, anticipating the 20th edition of its international Knowledge for Growth life sciences and business conference on May 16th at the FMCC in Antwerp (Belgium), an annual general meeting with some edge, and a review of an exciting year of celebrating science during a festive Charity Dinner with members and partners.