Friday January 22nd 2021



Meeting this Thursday evening, the Board of Directors of Mithra, a company dedicated to women's health, took note of the arrest warrant issued against François Fornieri in connection with duties he previously performed in a company not related to Mithra.

In accordance with the Internal Governance Code, the Board of Directors has decided to entrust the position of CEO ad interim to Mr Christophe Maréchal. 

Christophe Maréchal has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Mithra since the beginning of 2017. With more than 20 years of experience in international finance in the industrial, telecommunications, manufacturing and banking industries, he has strong skills in operational, financial and commercial strategy. Already involved in the day-to-day management of the company and in all its strategic and operational committees, Mr Maréchal has all the expertise required to take over the company's leadership ad interim. In order to support him in his mission, the Board of Directors will very regularly follow up on the management of the company and the evolution of its main projects. It will take the necessary decisions in consultation with the CEO ad interim.  

With the appointment of Mr. Maréchal, the Board of Directors of Mithra is convinced that the continuation of the operational activities of the company will proceed in an optimal way.