Monday October 18th 2021



The Board of Directors of Mithra, a company dedicated to Women’s Health, has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Leon Van Rompay as Chief Executive Officer of the company, a position he held ad interim since February 04, 2021.

Last February (1) , the Board of Directors accepted that François Fornieri takes a step back as CEO for a maximum period of 12 months, following his indictment in the context of an external file not related to Mithra. The Board of Directors then decided to appoint Leon Van Rompay as CEO ad interim until further notice, François Fornieri remaining at the disposal of the CEO ad interim.

Since then, Mithra succeeded in taking up many challenges including the launch of its first estetrolbased product, Estelle® contraceptive pill, on the main world markets. The current management has made significant progress in several strategic and operational areas, being able to rely on the solid experience of Mr. Van Rompay in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as on the multidisciplinary expertise of the new Board of Directors in place since May of this year and chaired by Mr. Ajit Shetty

“I can only be delighted by the reliability and determination shown by all Mithra employees and I thank them for it”, notes François Fornieri, founder and reference shareholder of Mithra. “On the basis of this excellent record, I have therefore decided, in consultation with the Board of Directors, to reiterate my confidence in Mr. Van Rompay in his capacity as CEO of Mithra and to remain on the sidelines of my executive functions, as long as the legal case related to insider trading is pending. As the founder and principal shareholder of the company, I will continue to fully fulfill my role as a member of the Board of Directors and to support the strategy of the company from this seat. I have full confidence in the team in place to turn Mithra's potential into success.”

Following the decision of Mr. Fornieri, Mithra’s Board of Directors confirmed Leon Van Rompay as Chief Executive Officer.

“I am very honored by the trust placed by Mr. Fornieri and the entire Board of Directors ", reacts Leon Van Rompay, CEO of Mithra. "Mithra can pride itself on having successfully completed the ultimate challenge for any biotech: succeed in launching an innovative molecule on an international scale, thanks to Mr. Fornieri’s vision and the strong commitment of all our teams over the past 20 years. I am determined to bring the second chapter of this adventure to a successful conclusion as well as to bring Mithra closer to its promising ambitions.”