Friday February 5th 2021



Meeting this Wednesday evening, the Board of Directors of Mithra, a company dedicated to women's health, heard François Fornieri following his indictment in the context of a file relating to functions he previously held in a company not related to Mithra.

At the end of this exchange, the Board of Directors accepted that François Fornieri take a step back as CEO, until further notice, for a maximum of 12 months. In doing so, François Fornieri is laying down any executive function at Mithra.
As a result hereof, the Board of Directors has decided to appoint Leon Van Rompay as CEO ad interim until further notice. François Fornieri remains at the disposal of the CEO ad interim.
Leon Van Rompay has more than 40 years of experience in the international pharmaceutical industry. After holding various management positions in several big pharma companies (Bayer, Glaxosmithkline, Zambon), Leon Van Rompay created Docpharma in 1999, a company specializing in marketing generic drugs. Docpharma got listed on the stock exchange (Euronext), and was successfully sold to the Matrix Group in 2005.
Leon Van Rompay has been actively involved in the management of Uteron Pharma, the predecessor of Mithra and strengthened with his international experience and industry expertise, he will support the company to meet this year’s important milestones.
The Board of Directors also relieved Christophe Maréchal of his temporary assignment so that he can again devote himself to the financial management of Mithra. With this decision, the Board of Directors is convinced that the company has all the necessary resources and skills to carry out its numerous projects.