Thursday November 5th 2020



PMA.slidebox is a solution for educators in histology, pathology, and cytology alike. The software is powerful, reliable and offers an easy to use instrument to publish digitized microscopic slides on an online website.

Pathomation announces the availability of PMA.slidebox, a first-of-a-kind solution to publish your digital pathology images and whole slide images online.

Partly under the impetus of Covid-19, education is changing dramatically. Shared physical environments are increasingly being replaced with virtual classroom settings. Microscopes are physical tools that are not so easily translated to an online website. And there are any number of situations where a microscope is essential to transfer knowledge effectively.

With PMA.slidebox, knowledge about a microscopic specimen can be transferred effectively and efficiently.  Slides are digitized with one’s own equipment and distributed to a global population. The software supports both servers and cloud storage. It can be installed on-premise as well as hosted by Pathomation in a SaaS model.

Administrators use PMA.slidebox to define up to five virtual slide “collections”, which can be further sub-divided into an unlimited number of cases. Educators provide the content in the form of slides. The software is scalable and automatically adapts to the volume of material presented. At the same time, a high degree of customization is possible, with avatars, welcome pages, and viewport control settings.

“We allow educators and conference organizers alike to effortlessly transition into virtual slide education. We also developed the necessary pricing and licensing schemes to make this affordable for anybody”, says Yves Sucaet, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Pathomation.

Users can be college (or K12 AP) students, medical school and graduate students, or conference goers. End-users are offered a truly “zero footprint” environment. They go to the website URL as determined by the administrator, and the prepared slides are immediately available to them. They don’t need to install anything on their local system, and the interface automatically adjusts for mobile devices.

Early adaptors of PMA.slidebox are raving about it. One educator in Australia says “I have been using Pathomation for teaching of my medical students and registrars. We have had upwards of 180 students using it and it has been an invaluable resource. Not only is the platform easy to use and access, the service provided by Pathomation is exemplary. I cannot recommend this platform enough!”.

More information about PMA.slidebox can be found at

About Pathomation: Pathomation was founded in 2012. Its free software, PMA.start, has global adaptation and is already used to process over 150K slides per month. The company is based in Belgium but is organized around a virtual global team of collaborators, making it possible to offer around the clock global assistance. PMA.slidebox is its first commercial product targeted at the education and event market. Pathomation software supports over 30 different proprietary file formats. Visit us at