Belgium-based Pathomation and Filgen are entering into a commercial partnership to distribute Pathomation products and bring leading digital pathology software platform solution applications to Japan.

Digital pathology is expanding rapidly. As it does, the use cases and scenarios in which it is deployed diversify rapidly and users need solutions tailored to their specific situation. Shota Yamamoto, Bioinformatics lead at Filgen explains “As the adoption of virtual slides grows in Japan, the next requirement is to manage them easily and securely. In addition, in the context of shared scanning equipment in a facility, it is essential to build a system for distribution and browsing. As specimen management responsibilities increase for pathologists, efforts to manage specimens become more important.” Pathomation offers a component-based Image management platform built around a central tile server, the software components combine to form a toolbox for users to pick from and find exactly what they need. Whether you simply want universal image storage and access control, or you are into advanced AI integration, with the Pathomation toolbox, the right component is always available to implement in the right environment. Bespoke environments are easy to set up, configure, and maintain. Deployments can happen gradually in a stepwise fashion and overhead is reduced.

“We see the Asia Pacific region as an important growth market for digital pathology in the foreseeable future and have found a strong partner with Filgen”, says Yves Sucaet, Pathomation co-founder and long-term CTO. “Our solutions can address the needs of research, education and diagnostic labs. Scalability is built into our platform, making it an ideal complement in a migrating research and clinical landscape: customers can still start small with on-premise setups, migrate to cloud (virtual machines) via lift-and-shift scenarios, before settling on native cloud storage solutions like S3 or Azure Data Lakes (Generation 1 and 2 supported).”

More recently, AI integration has become easier to facilitate as well. Pathomation’s central tile server now offers background batch-processing, and several demonstrators are available to show connectivity to AI providers.

About Pathomation

Pathomation was founded in Belgium in 2012. Its free software, PMA.start, has global adaptation and is used at 450+ sites each month. Its online My Pathomation cloud platform hosts a community of 750 users and offers free 10 GB accounts. PMA.core is a clinical diagnostic use CE-IVD certified tile server targeted at any organization that interacts with digital pathology and virtual microscopy data. Pathomation software supports over 35 different proprietary file formats. Visit the company’s website at

About Filgen

Filgen was established in 2004 and is a well-known biotechnology company in Japan. The company has 2 business categories: manufacturing and selling our home-brand lab instruments, UV ozone cleaner and osmium plasma coater; and providing customer service on microarrays. Filgen is also a strong distributor of overseas biotech instruments, life-science reagents, bioinformatics software and biotech analysis services. With the experience of serving the Japanese market for over 15 years, they have accumulated significant and valuable know-how in combination with a strong sales network.