Friday September 2nd 2022



Pathomation announces a new release of its cloud-based “My Pathomation” platform for digital pathology. My Pathomation was first introduced in 2019 as a low-threshold communication and whole slide image-sharing platform. Today it boasts to a community of 750 users.

“Many solutions in digital pathology today focus on high-end applications, like artificial intelligence, leaving out a large population of users that want to start small and simple. The organic growth we’ve witnessed in the last 36 months has been great, and we wanted to hear from the users what they used My Pathomation for and if they had feedback for the next release”, says Rudy Hovelinck, Pathomation COO and product manager for My Pathomation. “The current audience of My Pathomation mainly includes educators and their students, but also research groups working on slide images, so we decided to add functionality to improve their experience.” 

The new release focuses on education. Users can now opt to share their slides with the community as public collections, resolving an important bottleneck for teaching facilities without access to scanners and scanned images.  My Pathomation adds the concept of meta-data tagging on slides and self-paced e-learning module “courses”. Access and user management is included.  

Organizations that have already adopted a Learning Management System such as Canvas or Moodle, can seamlessly use Pathomation’s plugins to integrate digital pathology content into the environment they are already familiar with. 


“We chose to launch My Pathomation coinciding with the ECP 2022 conference in Basel.” Adds Rudy “The annual conference of the European Society of Pathology (ESP) offers an excellent platform to launch My Pathomation for organizations that need easy digital pathology on one hand, as well as to promote the availability of our CE-IVD certified PMA.core 3.0 image management system (IMS) for high volume routine diagnostic labs. We look forward to meet our users present at ECP and show them how we translated their input in the new releases of both products.” 

Yves Sucaet, Pathomation CEO concludes: “The Pathomation product portfolio has become more mature with solutions for the full spectrum of digital pathology applications. Whether you’re an individual instructor at a small school, a diagnostic lab, or a global pharma company, we have the necessary tools in our arsenal today to help you, and a proven track record to go with those as well”.  

About Pathomation

Pathomation was founded in Belgium in 2012. Its free software, PMA.start, has global adaptation and is used at 450+ sites each month. Its online My Pathomation cloud platform hosts a community of 750 users and offers free 10 GB accounts. PMA.core is a clinical diagnostic use CE-IVD certified tile server targeted at any organization that interacts with digital pathology and virtual microscopy data. Pathomation software supports over 35 different proprietary file formats. Visit us at