Friday July 3rd 2020



S-Biomedic, a pioneering skin microbiome company is accelerating its commercialisation efforts and broadening its development pipeline for cosmetics and dermatology. To this end S-Biomedic, has appointed Wesley Carpentier as Chief Commercial Officer, effective June 2020.

As CCO of S-Biomedic, Wesley Carpentier will be responsible for its overall commercial strategy, expanding S-Biomedic’s business toward new markets and cosmetic applications, thus driving the company’s international growth.

“I am joining a great team in the very exciting domain of probiotic skin cosmetics. There is a growing global market for probiotics that address skin problems. S-Biomedic is providing effective solutions that work with nature, instead of against it. I look forward to bringing my expertise to the company, to accelerate the growth of the company, and build upon current successes,” said Wesley Carpentier.

Wesley has 20+ years of experience in life-sciences, covering research, sales, business and corporate development in both small and large companies. Essentially all of these 20 years, he has worked on fermentation products that address unmet consumer needs. Prior to joining S-Biomedic, he has served as Chief Commercial Officer for Inbiose, and as Director of Global New Market Development for DuPont, in both Industrial Biosciences and Health & Nutrition areas.

Veronika Oudova, CEO of S-Biomedic, said, “We are pleased to welcome Wesley to boost S-Biomedic’s expansion and growth. We have recently been able to achieve key milestones with our existing business partner as well as secure significant research grants to accelerate our developments. In the last six months, we have been able to grow the company already with more than six FTE’s, strengthening both our commercial and research teams.”

About S-Biomedic

S-Biomedic is a Belgium-based life-science company working with live bacteria to develop treatments and products for skin disorders. S-Biomedic has developed a method to directly modulate the skin microbiome, with applications in dermatology and the cosmetic industry. The skin microbiome, a habitat of billions of good and bad bacteria, contributes to clinical conditions ranging from acne, eczema and rosacea, to ageing. Currently, S-Biomedic has developed its first active ingredient targeting acne and is further expanding its range of additional cosmetic and therapeutic applications to include solutions for skin ageing and dandruff. More information on