Tuesday August 2nd 2022



S-Biomedic appointed Pascal Yvon as Sr. VP Commercial Strategy & Sales to lead its business development efforts to enter the cosmetic market.

Pascal Yvon, PharmD, MBA, will be responsible for S-Biomedic’s B2B commercial activities, expanding the S-Biomedic business to cosmetic applications, thus driving the company’s international growth forward.

“I am thrilled to join S-Biomedic, the skin microbiome company. Its expertise and achievements in harnessing the natural power of the skin microbiome and bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace are just impressive. I am very excited to be working with an amazing team, focusing on the company’s commercial expansion with outstanding prospects. I can announce that we are in midst of preparing the launch of a very unique active ingredient,” said Pascal Yvon.

Pascal Yvon, previously Head of Botanicals at Croda, Inc., has more than 25 years of global experience in life sciences, including the cosmetic, biotech, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics sectors, covering sales, marketing, business development and general management positions in both small and large companies. Having spent half of his career based in France and half in the USA, Pascal has acquired commercial expertise with a multi-cultural sensitivity and an international approach.

Veronika Oudova, CEO of S-Biomedic, said, “We are excited to welcome Pascal to the team. Pascal is equipped with the perfect mix of knowledge and expertise that will enable us to bring our unique ingredients to markets worldwide. I am very much looking forward to seeing our true skin probiotic ingredients in more and more skincare products soon.”

About S-Biomedic

S-Biomedic is a Belgium-based life-science company working with live bacteria to develop treatments and products for skin disorders. S-Biomedic has developed a proprietary method to directly modulate the skin microbiome, with a wide range of applications in dermatology and the cosmetic industry. The skin microbiome, a habitat of billions of good and bad bacteria, contributes to clinical conditions ranging from acne, eczema and rosacea, to ageing. Currently, S-Biomedic has developed its first active ingredient targeting acne and is further expanding its range of additional cosmetic and therapeutic applications to include solutions for skin ageing and dandruff. Visit www.sbiomedic.com.