The OPINNO platform aims to introduce the life sciences industry to university and university college STEM students. This platform, coordinated by, uniquely unites all five universities in Flanders (UGent, UAntwerp, KU Leuven, VUB and UHasselt) and also involves university colleges such as EhB, VIVES and HOWEST.

Aims & mission

Our mission is to inspire and attract STEM students to the life sciences industry by indicating which competences and skills are in demand and by showing them the diversity of (starter) job opportunities in our sector.

To achieve this, each academic year both an Opinno Module and an Opinno BioBizz Café are organised in every participating university or college.

Opinno Modules: guest lectures by young professionals of our life sciences industry

We invite young professionals from a variety of companies in different life sciences domains to inspire students and to inform them about their own career choices, the different aspects of their current job and the competencies and skills that are needed. Questions such as ‘How does a day in my professional life looks like’ and ‘What does it take to be successful in my job’ are addressed.

BioBizz Cafés: informal get-togethers with young professionals of our life sciences industry

Following the Opinno Module, the students can personally meet these young professionals in a ‘speeddating’ formula during the Opinno BioBizz Café.  They get the opportunity to ask questions and have in-depth discussions on the future jobs they endeavour. To support students in applying for life sciences jobs an HR professional provides advice on how to write a professional CV and cover letter.

Both the Opinno Module and Biobizz Café focus on 5 specific life sciences domains that represent the needs of the sector:

  1. R&D

  2. Clinical Development

  3. Manufacturing (GMP & Quality)

  4. Regulatory Affairs

  5. Business Development

Career tools

  • RésuMe

    This orientation tool will guide you in your future study and career choices. RésuMe uses your acquired knowledge and soft skills to determine your profile. This is matched to study trajectories and job profiles that Life Science and Health professionals can aspire to at career inflection points. View tool

  • SuitAbility

    SuitAbility aims to help companies in finding a good match between a vacancy and a potential candidate. By using SuitAbility, companies can add information about the vacancy and are able to specify the required competences of a candidate. Subsequently, vacancies will be matched to potential candidates, who must submit their background information and competences. View tool

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