Thursday May 20th 2021



reMYND NV, a clinical stage company developing innovative treatments for Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other diseases caused by cellular dysfunction, is pleased to announce the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) which will support the Company as it progresses its programme in Alzheimer’s disease (“Alzheimer’s”).

The CAB, which has met twice since its formation, is comprised of preeminent clinical specialists in Alzheimer’s who will lead and advise reMYND on the clinical development of its lead ReS19-T candidate, which entered Phase I clinical trials in December 2020.

RES19-T, a first-in-class small molecule, represents a novel approach to treat Alzheimer’s, aiming to address the disease at its root and restore cognition in patients by reducing the cellular damage associated with memory loss.

“The global Alzheimer’s community is in urgent need of novel ideas and approaches. Breakthrough solutions often come from looking at the same problem from a different perspective,” said Prof. Scheltens of Amsterdam University Medical Centers. “reMYND’s refreshing perspective combined with a very strong pre-clinical package is what attracted me to join the Clinical Advisory Board. The consistent results in a variety of different Alzheimer models are a good indicator that reMYND might have overcome the translational pitfalls of past approaches, but we await results from human clinical trials that are currently being prepared to confirm this.”

“We are extremely fortunate to bring together this world-renowned group of leading thinkers with deep clinical expertise in Alzheimer’s,” said Koen De Witte, Managing Director of reMYND. “As we develop our novel approach with the potential to restore function in Alzheimer’s patients, we cannot just copy existing clinical approaches, but instead need to ensure we utilise the best available expertise and push our thinking on all fronts. The extensive experience and openness of this group to new ideas and approaches will be invaluable to us as our work continues to gather momentum.”

Introducing the members of reMYND’s Alzheimer’s Clinical Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Dr. Philip Scheltens (Chairman), Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Alzheimer Center, Netherlands

  • Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

  • Prof. Dr. Henrik Zetterberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Prof. Dr. Kaj Blennow, University of Gothenburg, Sweden