General Inception, the first-ever Igniter, announced its multi-year strategic partnership with SATT Paris-Saclay to identify and help scientific innovators from its member research laboratories prepare for new company creation and ignition capital within the life sciences and deeptech fields.

With SATT Paris-Saclay, General Inception is forming a valued partnership with one of the largest research coalitions in Western Europe. General Inception will work closely with specialists of technology transfer and leading academic and research institutions. The technical and intellectual property expertises of the SATT team will enable the review of hundreds of innovations each year. General Inception will perform market analysis and product development as well as leverage its global capabilities to accelerate company formation and market entry, including in the USA. The partnership is expected to create dozens of companies within the next 3 to 4 years.

”The innovation cluster in which SATT Paris-Saclay works has the scale and quality of research that is second to none in Western Europe, as well as a large staff dedicated to identifying unique innovations and supporting great entrepreneurial projects,” said Francois Valencony, Chief Business & Investment Officer of General Inception and leading the efforts in Europe. “France provides a great opportunity for General Inception, as the government has demonstrated a long-term commitment to industrial innovation and industrial scale-up.”

“General Inception is going to bring deep expertise in the life sciences field and give access to a strong international industrial network able to accelerate the development of Paris Saclay's innovations. The collaborative nature of the General Inception team makes it possible to work quickly and in confidence, which facilitates relations with research teams and will accelerate technology transfers. I am very proud of this partnership, and I am sure we will soon achieve technological transfers success,” said Xavier Apolinarski, President of SATT Paris-Saclay.

About General Inception

General Inception is pioneering company creation as the first Igniter company. As an Igniter, General Inception partners with extraordinary technical founders at the inception of their journey in order to efficiently translate their groundbreaking innovations into transformational businesses that address humanity’s grand challenges. In its role as a co-founder, GI brings together domain expertise, executive talent, infrastructure and development resources, and capital to ignite, nurture and scale throughout the entire company journey.

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About SATT Paris-Saclay

From innovating concepts to practical applications, SATT Paris-Saclay (Technology Transfer Accelerator Office) invests in disrupting technologies coming out of its territory’s research labs to accelerate their level of technological maturity and secure their entry into the markets. As a TTO for Université Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris and CNRS, SATT generates business competitivity and creates a strong dynamic around deeptech innovations, boosting competitivity. SATT’s experts support researchers before project funding, to define the most appropriate industrial transfer strategy. Most demanded services include market opportunity study or IP portfolio analysis. SATT offers services dedicated to further industrial strategies of open-innovation and technological scouting. It also addresses companies who wish to exploit an innovation already funded by SATT or engage in specific developments with a lab supported by funds from SATT.

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